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How Our Emotions Affect Our Skin

Uncategorized / October 26, 2022

Did you know that your emotions not only show on the face but also on the skin? In the same way, it’s easy to tell a person’s facial expression, and some skin concerns can be linked to our emotions. Most of our psychological problems trigger skin issues. Often, it takes an expert or a dermatologist […]

Skincare routines to fix period sabotage

Uncategorized / March 7, 2022

When a lady’s period arrives, it comes with a whole lot of baggage. You can trust Lady Red not to come empty-handed as she brings with her everything you don’t want to experience. When she arrives, she brings about a whole lot of changes in the body system. The effects of these body changes are […]

How To Help Your Skin Survive In The Dry Season

Uncategorized / January 4, 2022

The dry season means there is no humidity, and lack of humidity means that your skin is not getting any external moisture. The resultant effect of not having any external moisture means that the dry season pulls out the internal moisture. The bottom line is that the dry season poses some kind of danger to […]