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OILY SKIN: Why it happens and ways to treat it.

Uncategorized / June 28, 2021

The difference between glowing skin and oily skin is the extra shine. All skin types naturally produce oil but have you ever wondered why yours makes more? Oily skin leads to acne and other skin conditions. The oil on the skin results from the sebaceous gland found under the tiny pores on the face. The […]


Uncategorized / May 7, 2021

Did you know that the constant use of chemical infused beauty products can lead to cancer and other health conditions? Living an organic and healthy lifestyle also applies to your skin. When a product comes in contact with your skin it gets into the body. The more chemical products you use, the more damage is […]

Face toner and Lavender bar: Two Must-haves for a Healthy Skin

Uncategorized / January 7, 2021

  Do you know how many skincare products are in the world? About 25thousand, currently and make no mistakes, there will be more. Skincare is constantly evolving, as humans are finding more ways to make their skin look better. Before now, lavender was a great smelling plant with many uses, but as time went on, […]