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Dry Skin Brushing: Why you need it and a step-by-step guide

Uncategorized / February 21, 2022

The first thing that goes through the mind when we hear about dry brushing is using a brush and scrubbing the body. The meaning is close, but using any type of brush for the skin will cause harm to us. Dry brushing has become a trend in the beauty and skincare world because it has […]

Why You Have Acne And What You Can Do About It

Uncategorized / April 13, 2021

  Have you ever had the urge to run your hands over your face and then felt terrible because you kept encountering these tiny, sometimes painful obstacles? It does not feel good. These are acne, and they have to be the most annoying skin issue on the planet. They come in different sizes, big and […]

Face toner and Lavender bar: Two Must-haves for a Healthy Skin

Uncategorized / January 7, 2021

  Do you know how many skincare products are in the world? About 25thousand, currently and make no mistakes, there will be more. Skincare is constantly evolving, as humans are finding more ways to make their skin look better. Before now, lavender was a great smelling plant with many uses, but as time went on, […]