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The ultimate guide to fighting oily skin

Uncategorized / June 28, 2022

There are different skin types, and oily skin is one of the most difficult to handle. Most people have normal skin, and due to lifestyle or environmental changes, they develop oily skin.   Oily skin happens when there’s excessive sebum production in the skin. Sebum production takes place in the sebaceous gland. One of the […]

5 Tips for Treating Acne Scars Naturally

Uncategorized / June 23, 2022

One of our struggles is getting rid of acne as teenagers and adults. The scars are bigger struggles as they take forever to leave our skin. Acne happens due to the excess production of sebum on the skin. Sebum is an oily substance that lubricates our skin. It allows our body to produce its natural […]

7 Skincare Traps To Avoid

Uncategorized / June 21, 2022

We all want healthy and glowing skin. When it comes to how our skin looks, the routine is usually exhausting. Skincare can be complicated, and there are always ongoing trends on the internet. What we have failed to realise is that most of these trends are traps. There are certain skincare traps to avoid if […]

Hyperpigmentation and how to treat it

Uncategorized / June 18, 2022

If you have uneven skin tone, it is safe to say you’ve come in contact with hyperpigmentation. It makes it look like you’re not doing your skincare routine correctly. Some people are endlessly searching for products to fix hyperpigmentation. What people have failed to realise is that natural skin care products and ingredients in your […]

Skincare and beauty routine Japanese women swear by

Uncategorized / June 14, 2022

While the Korean skincare routine promises to give you glass skin, the Japanese women swear their routine will give you flawless skin. The routine focuses more on your skin and allows you to look younger. There is no drying out of the skin with the Japanese skincare routine. The exciting thing about the Japanese skincare […]

7 skincare mistakes you’re guilty of and how to fix them

Uncategorized / June 11, 2022

A lot of people are passionate about skincare. Others care less because they have no idea the right or wrong way to go about their routine. For everyone, the first thing to know is that skincare has rules. There are do’s and don’ts with everything, which also applies to our skincare routine.   There are […]

Your Guide To Cystic Acne

Uncategorized / June 6, 2022

Cystic acne is a painful form of acne that often requires medical attention. It is a severe form of acne which happens to both genders. When cysts develop under your skin, it causes this severe acne. It is common among teens and people with oily skin.   Cystic acne forms when bacteria, oil, and dry […]

Skincare benefits of collagen

Uncategorized / June 2, 2022

One word that every skincare enthusiast must know is “collagen”. Collagen is a protein that gives structure to our skin. You replenish your body’s collagen production through food and collagen supplements.  It restores body tissues and toughness. If you ever wondered what holds the skin structure, texture and elasticity together, it’s collagen. It is one […]