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Signs of aging to look out for in your 30’s

Uncategorized / February 28, 2022

Your 30’s are an exciting time in your life, and your skin needs to be at the top of your priority. Your skin begins to age between the ages of 25 and 35. These are when the body reduces collagen and starts to lose its elasticity. There are different signs to look out for in […]

Dry Skin Brushing: Why you need it and a step-by-step guide

Uncategorized / February 21, 2022

The first thing that goes through the mind when we hear about dry brushing is using a brush and scrubbing the body. The meaning is close, but using any type of brush for the skin will cause harm to us. Dry brushing has become a trend in the beauty and skincare world because it has […]

8 Face Serum Mistakes To avoid

Uncategorized / February 19, 2022

Serums are essential to the skin and play a vital role in the growth and glow of our skin. People mostly avoid serums in their skincare routine because they do not know their importance. Other times, the effect of serums is not noticed on the face because we are not using the proper procedure. Did […]

How To Make Your Skincare Products Absorb Better

Uncategorized / February 15, 2022

Most times, the problem is not with the products in your routine. It primarily depends on how well your skin absorbs and accepts these products. A product takes a few seconds to penetrate the skin giving room for other products to get absorbed. Naturally, our skin is not always accepting of outsiders, so penetrating the […]

Butt Acne: Common Causes and How to Treat Them

Uncategorized / February 11, 2022

With butt acne, the first thing to know is that you’re not alone. Butt acne is irritating, and almost everyone has one time in their lives experienced it. Though most people refer to it as bacne or regular acne, butt acne is a bacterial or fungal infection medically known as folliculitis. If the name scares […]

Easy ways to keep your skin hydrated

Uncategorized / February 7, 2022

A lot of skin trends will come and go, but nothing beats a healthy and well hydrated skin. How to keep your skin hydratedis one of the top most search on Google because a lot of people want to know how to have popping and glowing skins. It is important that we are aware of […]

Oily Skin: 10 tips on how to manage your sebum production

Uncategorized / February 4, 2022

Oily skin is a result of excess oil production on the skin. The sebum is the gland responsible for oil production in the body. Sebum, a breast material made of fats, serves as a protection for the body. When in the right amount, it stops the skin from losing its natural oils. It clogs the […]