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OILY SKIN: Why it happens and ways to treat it.

Uncategorized / June 28, 2021

The difference between glowing skin and oily skin is the extra shine. All skin types naturally produce oil but have you ever wondered why yours makes more? Oily skin leads to acne and other skin conditions. The oil on the skin results from the sebaceous gland found under the tiny pores on the face. The […]

Skincare routine for eye skin

Uncategorized / June 24, 2021

When we take care of our facial skin, it is usually easy for us to ignore our eyes. The skin around the eyes needs as much routine care as the skin on your cheeks and forehead. For starters, when your face begins to wrinkle, it does not just happen on your forehead, it happens at […]

Post Summer Skincare Tips

Uncategorized / June 21, 2021

Yay! Summer is over, well not yay because we all love summer because of the warmth, the sunny beaches, the warm waters, and the skin exposure. Now, the one part of our body that does not really like the summer is our skin, and for very good reasons. Why the summer is great for us […]


Uncategorized / June 20, 2021

Having a daily skin care routine has become a holy grail habit for people these days, and understandably so. Everyone wants great looking and youthful skin. Who doesn’t?   A skin care routine is a regular treatment for maintaining a healthy glowing skin or for correcting certain defects. The process of a skin care routine […]


Uncategorized / June 16, 2021

When people hear the term moisturization, they often relate it to water. While this is true, it doesn’t fully encompass the description of skin moisturization. The use of water on the skin is necessary for skin hydration but not an effective moisturizing technique, so natural oil comes to play. Skin moisturization is the process of […]

Here’s Why You Need a Charcoal Mask in Your Skincare Regimen

Uncategorized / June 14, 2021

Charcoal masks have recently become trendy in the beauty community but what exactly are its benefits? Having a good skin care regimen is one of the most important ways to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and youthful. Every component you put on your face can either hurt or enhance your skin and so […]


Uncategorized / June 12, 2021

Skin irritation is not restricted to people with dry skin alone. The skin can get irritated due to a lot of factors. It’s the change of weather for some people and others; it’s the result of a long, stress-filled week or day. Sometimes, this skin irritation results in itching, dryness, redness and can even leave […]

Benefits Of Coconut On The Skin

Uncategorized / June 9, 2021

What comes to your mind when you think of coconuts? Surreal sandy Caribbean beaches, shiny Rastafarian men, a healthy sun tan, and a yummy sippy coconut in one’s hand. Sometimes, we remember bounty chocolate bar, coconut cakes, and all other yummy gooey goodness that comes from coconut and its flavour. Lucky for us, coconut not […]

7 Reasons Why Organic Skin Care Products are better

Uncategorized / June 8, 2021

In recent years, we have been more conscious than ever of what we eat and wear. Now people understand the issues involved with the environment and how it can affect the things we eat and how we live. In essence, if we have started to consider what we eat, and wear, then it is time […]


Uncategorized / June 4, 2021

Lotions and lotion bars work as moisturizers, and they are excellent no matter the form they come in. They keep the skin smooth and silky. Moisturizing your skin keeps it healthy and glowing at all times. The best times to use a moisturizer are during the summer, winter, or when you’re indoors. Moisturizers should be […]